Residenzschloss Urach, Detail des Ofens im Goldenen Saal

Late medieval appearanceHistory of design

To this day, Urach Palace maintains its late medieval exterior. Its interior is characterized by Renaissance and Rococo renovations. In the 1960s, the palace building was gutted and converted, and important rooms were reconstructed.

View of the Knights’ Hall, Urach Palace

The late Gothic vault of the Knights’ Hall.


Urach Residential Palace is the only surviving late medieval residence in Württemberg. The palace was built based on the old palace in Stuttgart and was initially a modest half-timber structure atop a tall stone story with an imposing hipped roof. The Knights’ Hall, which takes up the entire ground floor, is a dining and common room typical for medieval castles and palaces. The one in Urach also has a late Gothic ribbed vault.

Capital in the Golden Hall, Urach Palace

Corinthian column in the Golden Hall.


The Golden Hall was decorated in 1609. The wide, bright room is rectangular in shape and has a lavish design. The room is characterized by the many preciously embellished Corinthian columns and richly decorated wooden ceiling. Magnificently ornate and decorative paintings, or grotesques, are typical of the Renaissance period. Elaborately carved door frames with scrollwork and obelisks are typical Renaissance decorative elements and round out the impressive room.

View of the White Hall, including a table, Urach Palace

Cheerful embellishments in the White Hall.


The Garden Hall and Duke Carl Eugen's apartment, both on the second floor, were furnished in the 1760s. Keeping with the style of the time, the rooms were decorated with filigreed stucco, colorful wallpaper and an arrangement of mirrors, chandeliers, game tables and consoles. Today, such rich wall and ceiling stucco can again be seen in the White Hall. The overdoors and walls depict scenes of hunting, music and rural life surrounded by fans of flowers and greenery. They reflect the Rococo's cheerful attitude towards life.

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